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About James George


“Project management is my specialty;but working with clients,fostering strong relationships,and helping businesses grow,gives me the biggest thrill and the most satisfaction”

What I bring to Halogen Designs.

Project management is my specialty; but working with clients, fostering strong relationships, and helping businesses grow, gives me the biggest thrill and the most satisfaction.


My vision as a partner at Halogen Designs is to help businesses leverage the full potential of Internet Marketing. I could say we are passionate about it, but that would actually be an understatement.

Having already seen the positive impact of our work here in Indianapolis, I’ve been inspired to double major in Marketing and Management. I am studying in the Honors program of the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis at IUPUI.

We have been building successful websites and internet marketing campaigns at Halogen Designs since 2009. I have had the opportunity to work with clients to create online web apps, mobile applications, and full service shopping carts.

How can you get ahold of me?

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesdgeorge
Cell: 317-752-4523
Skype: JamesDGeorge
Gchat/email: jgeorge@halogendesigns.com