Linkedin in Business

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In today’s world networking has become the need for every individual, business and company. Without connections and contacts business can virtually cease to exist. The internet boom has made it possible for everyone to keep in touch with each other. First it was emails then social networking forums and now professional forums where serious professionals [...]

Benefits of a Strong Logo

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It is interesting how our mind works – suppose if you were asked a question to remember your favorite brand of clothing, perfumes, accessories or computers what would be the very first thing which would come to your mind – the LOGO. That is the strength of a good brand which makes us remember it [...]

Importance of Branding

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You brand is your identity – a signature of who you are, what you do and what you offer to your customers. One definition suggests: ‘A brand identity represents how the organization wants to be perceived in the market, what the organization stands for, and most importantly how it implies to the promise made to [...]

Social Networking in Business (Part 1/3)

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Social networking by definition focuses on building communities where people share common interests, hobbies, activities at times a common vision – a forum for interaction where knowledge-base is shared across boundaries, where difference are openly discussed, a place where one gets an opportunity to meet someone new each day. Being social animals inherently we need [...]