Manage for Results

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Management – an art and science whose primary focuses is to be result-oriented. Results-based management is an approach to management that integrates strategy, people, resources, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, transparency, and accountability; it concentrates and focuses on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurements, learning and changing, and reporting performance. It is a combination of [...]

Making Effective Teams

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Making teams which perform effectively and coherently has been a paramount concern for organizations everywhere. Effective management coupled with sound communication become more important for delegating and managing the teams under you. Building a team from scratch is a daunting task – it initiates by learning about your team members. Their competencies and ways of [...]

Usefulness of Online Advertisements

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In the ever changing world of technology where effective communication has become a key to success for survival for most companies – one way of achieving so is through publishing of information using different mediums. One way of getting the required information to your audience is online publishing. Online Publishing is not limited by time [...]

Vote for Michael Miller

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Michael needs your help. Super producer Ryan Leslie is putting on a contest through The grand prize is a trip to New York to work with Ryan in the studio on a major record release. Take a look at the video entry below then vote for Michael by texting DPZ7NH to 53037. To visit Michaels [...]

Lego Lucas Oil Model!

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I was watching the news earlier today and saw 1/250 scale model of Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium… Made entirely out of Legos! This thing is awesome. The retractable roof works and the lighting and press box can be seen as well. Check out this picture of the jumbotron. Recently we designed an advertisement for The [...]