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Creating success stories is something easier said than done – but it doesn’t mean one cannot create one’s own story. It requires a lot of focused hard work, patience, support and the fire within one’s self to make a difference. It is usually observed that people with high ambitions who would stop at nothing to make their dreams come true are the ones who end up paving a path for others to follow them.

success2 300x300 Creating Success StoriesHere the million dollar question is how to pave that path for yourself – what is the roadmap to be followed so that you may have your own success story to share with others. Following are a few basic logical steps that one can take as initial guidelines to follow for making a success story of your own:

1 – Developing Skill Set

We all have talents of different caliber and nature. Most of the times we nurture the abilities within us to perfection so that we can make use of them – knowing your strengths and capitalizing on them can help you succeed in the long term. In case if you plan on starting on your own venture, it is important to know what your strengths are, mapping them to your services and/or product, to whom can you sell these services/products and how you can achieve it. Building a strong team and synergizing within your team to achieve a common goal and objective helps building a long lasting business.

2 – Market It Right

Without marketing yourself it is impossible to let others know what you are offering – but only marketing does not do the trick. You have to market yourself right. Whether you do it on a small scale or large, whether it is online or not does not make a difference as long as you don’t know which audience you are targeting and how your services/products can fulfill their needs to add value.

3 – Connections and Contact Building

Unless you have adequate connections present in the market, whether through word of mouth or through formal introductions you cannot continue business. Contact building can be done through different social mediums and networking forums which assists you in identifying the people you wish to contact, establishing relationships with them through professional networking and converting some if not most into clients.

4 – Deliver Value

Having business does not mean you are going to have repetitive clients giving you more business because they are happy with your work. In order to get repetitive business you need not only add visible value to your clients but deliver value on time, within budget and with quality. A satisfied customer is guaranteed to come back to give more work if his/her expectations are met according to the needs which they have spelled out.

5 – Customer Feedback

Taking feedback from customers on regular basis is a good habit which would not only help you understand your customers better but also help you align your business to fulfill their requirements – this in turn will also help you improve your current services and products to deliver more value.success1 293x300 Creating Success Stories

6 – Testimonials from Clients

Getting an unbiased view of the services which you have provided can be helpful in the long term. Taking testimonials from long term clients is like getting endorsed for the services you have provided which they have liked and have gained benefitted from. Once you have the testimonials it is always recommended to flash them on your website, blog, online communities to publicize not only the clientele you have been dealing with but to confirm and advertise how valuable your services have been for your target audiences. Publish your client’s comments and testimonials on your print media and newsletter which you may distribute to current and potential clients.

7 – Writing Case Studies

It is always a good idea to write case studies for specific clients and brands and publish them. This works in two-folds, not only it helps you broadcast your services but promotes and projects your clients as well at different mediums and platforms – at discussion groups, where people can refer to those studies and lessons learnt hence improving their learning curve through the experiences of others.

8 – Interviews with Clients

Recording interviews of clients is always a good idea. May it be few but asking them to discuss how you have added value to them is always a plus. Also, uploading the same on your website and blogs can definitely divert a lot of traffic and a potential of finding more business.

9 – Upload Your Interview and Success Articles

Upload your success articles on your blog and website. Add the testimonials while presenting to new clients and encourage them to talk to your previous and current clients for cross-referencing and getting first hand feedback from them about your work.

Above basic guidelines would help you make your success stories – all the best in your journey for the same.

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