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Recently we had the great opportunity of doing a billboard for The People’s Burn Foundation that was displayed on the Lucas Oil Billboard directly outside the main gate.

jamesalex Using Facebook in Business

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We quickly realized the need to document this success and what better way than with a professional photographer. Our goals were simple: Find someone who is experienced and affordable. Having a good sized friend base I posted the following status update that was displayed to my friends, “James George needs a photographer for paying job in downtown indy. Please comment if interested.” I received 1 comment and 2 messages from this post. We chose Abigail Coffeen and aren’t looking back. You can find her public facebook page here Check out some of the pictures she did for us on my public facebook album.

In these changing times Halogen Designs and The People’s Burn Foundation realized the need to communicate directly with their readers via media they use everyday. The answer to this was social networking. The next issue PBF faced was how can to automate news story posting to various social networking sites (myspace, linkedin, facebook, twitter) to reduce workload on the PBF administrators. Halogen Designs created a solution using and our Content Management System (CMS), Control, to post links to recently posted news stories onto their various social networking sites. Now when PBF posts a news story, it is simultaneously posted to the news section of, PBF’s Facebook page, and Twitter.

Halogen Designs has recognized the use of social networking in business and is constantly teaching our clients how to take quick and easy actions to leverage this new phenomena. If your business posts multiple new stories a month, a similar solution could be viable and very profitable to your business.

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