20 Reasons Why People Leave Organizations

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quits 150x150 20 Reasons Why People Leave OrganizationsI Quit! Easier said than done – what brings a person to such a state of mind from where he/she says these 2 words, marking an end to a career with an organization? The reasons are unlimited, varying from person to person, depending on each person’s preferences, needs, wants, aspirations and much more.

There are many who are in a habit of job hopping, while there are some who would hate the idea of switching from one place to the other and leaving their comfort zone for the sake of mere excitement of what lies ahead.

For most having families it becomes a graver question whether to leave a well settled job or not, the justification for quitting, the pros and cons, the root cause analysis for making a switch, the viability of plucking a well established professional relationship with an employer are a few noted ones.

Clearly making such a decision is not an easy one, rather quite daunting for most. Why do people leave organizations? Why it is difficult to stick to a single job for most part of one’s career – after conducting a closed group research with professionals from different age groups, different professions and at varying stages of their careers we have been able to extrapolate the following 20 common reasons for quitting a job:

1 – Bad Boss

2 – Low pay scales

3 – Job Relocation

4 – Long Commute

5 – Company Politics

6 – No Career Growth

7 – Unfair Pay Scales

8 – Monotonous Job

9 – Incompetent Team

10 – Independent Setup

11 – Long Working Hours

12 – Low Motivation Level

13 – Bad Repute of the Company

14 – Unhealthy Peer Competition

15 – Uncertain Company Prospects

16 – Not Getting along with Team Members

17 – No Room for Innovation and Experimentation

18 – Biases (Gender, Racial, Cultural, Ethnic, Religious)

19 – Better Opportunity in terms of Remuneration and Perquisites

20 – Misalignment of Professional Goals and Objectives with that of the Organization

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. But I am sure at least every one of us can relate to many of them. Where most of the reasons for quitting may be genuine some may be created or coaxed without rationale.

Many a times proper evaluation of the scenario, proper reasoning and most importantly unbiased opinion and views of the situation can give you clarity of mind to decide which course of action to take when caught up in such situations, how to react if you are faced with one of the above mentioned causes for quitting and how to manage such scenarios?

Studying ground realities become imperative when coupled with detailed analysis of facts and figures to make an informed decision about ones career; which may have repercussions for ones professional career growth in future.

Proper counseling, guidance and instilling confidence in ones team can help cultivate better professionals. In our next post as a continuation of this one we shall write about how effective teams are made for better performance.

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