Benefits of a Strong Logo

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1 268x300 Benefits of a Strong LogoIt is interesting how our mind works – suppose if you were asked a question to remember your favorite brand of clothing, perfumes, accessories or computers what would be the very first thing which would come to your mind – the LOGO. That is the strength of a good brand which makes us remember it so vividly – not to mention this is the way a normal mind work i.e. remembering images is easier than remembering names for most.

To understand the benefits of a strong logo we need to understand why do we need one? How much weight does it carry for a brand? The importance of having a logo and the characteristics along with the difference between a brand and a logo and how they are interrelated – let’s discuss these factors one by one:

Why do we need a logo?

Whenever we think about a brand the first thing which comes to our minds is to relate to an image – like when we think about McDonalds we think about a big M, when we think about apple the emblem flashes into our minds helping us relate to that particular brand. It helps us makes a connection with our favorite brand and to stay loyal to it.

An attractive company logo is a statement by any organization for its existence. A logo is a key element for any company’s success. It is the establishment of a direct relationship of a company with its existing and potential customers. A good logo always leaves an ever-lasting impression on the minds of the people – with so many brands around it is always easier and convenient to remember a company through its logo. If for a second you start remembering the name of big companies in your head the first thing which would come to your mind are the logos for each brand for the company or for the logo for the company i.e. you subconsciously memorize these logos.6 300x200 Benefits of a Strong Logo

Let’s pen down briefly the characteristics of strong logos:

1 – Simplistic – The simpler the better – the less complicated your logo the better it is to remember and recall

2 – Self-explanatory and easier interpretation helps your customers relate to it

3 – Aesthetic appeal – Catchy in design i.e. attractive look and feel portrays a more polished image of your business

4 – Must be suitable and in line with the business philosophy

5 – Unique with respect to ease of recognition in absence of company’s name

6 – Customizable meaning it should have the convenience of making changes when desired

7 – Make it memorable – it is your brand personality

8 – Make sure your logo is not confused with another company

9 – It should be designed professionally

10 – Preferably it should be registered

The Importance and benefits of a strong logo

If you have an established brand then why does one need a logo? Whenever we think about a company’s identity the first thing which comes to our minds is the logo. The essence of a business is reflected through it logo.

2 300x204 Benefits of a Strong LogoYour logo is one of the many ways your business is made visible in the market and to all your customers. Having a strong logo strengthens your brands credibility and consistency to your product. Your logo is your business’s personality – the more professional it is the more it will be recognized. Following are a few good reasons for have a logo;

1 – It’s a great marketing and branding tool

2 – It represents what you stand for, your goals and objectives and the nature of your business

3 – A well designed logo represents stability and shows sincerity and seriousness towards your business

4 – Use of it throughout your marketing material for industry recognition such as with logo products

5 – It sets you apart competitors

6 – Brings credibility, consistency and professionalism to your business

7 – Increased customer’s confidence in your brand

8 – Helps you increase your online presence

9 – A strongly designed logo establishes your brand identity – it is an expression of your identity

10 – It logo often accompanied by a tagline is always beneficial

The stronger the logos the better are your chances for success – the more your customers will remember your brand the next time they are out shopping. It is recommended always to get a professional designer to design your logo – but before that make sure to have a clear vision, goals and objectives of where you are starting from and where you are heading.

3 300x296 Benefits of a Strong Logo

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  1. I agree a logo is important, particularly as it becomes more firmly established over time. It’s time for me to put some serious thought into one as well.

    Comment by Ken — June 1, 2010 @ 9:09 am

  2. Glad our post could help inspire you a little :)

    Comment by James George — June 2, 2010 @ 11:41 am

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