Every Business Needs a Web Presence!!

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“Bud” Russell, currently serving as Vice-Chair of Management Information Systems (MIS) at Score Chapter 6 has written an interesting article on page 4 of the indyscore.org newsletter about the need of a web presence for all businesses. He focuses on the benefits of a website and follows up with how to select a good web designer.

presence1 247x300 Every Business Needs a Web Presence!!“There are lots of good website designers and several of them here in our area. I suggest you ask other businesses and friends who created their websites. Once you have a list of possible designers, here are the things to consider: Portfolio — Get a list of the websites they have done. Look at all of those sites. Do they show variety? Skill? Attractiveness? Response — Will they perform in a timely manner? Can they meet your deadlines? Can they implement site Updates quickly? Contract — Do they have a written contract? Does the contract clearly make you the owner of the domain and site content? Prices — Compare prices for similar services. Site Performance — Are their sites easy to find? Try to find each of the sites in their portfolio with a search engine by asking for things a customer might search for. Statistics — Does the designer offer you a way to see information about the number of hits on your site, where the hits originated, what the viewers searched for, and other information that will help you market your product or service? Satisfaction — Are their clients happy? Call a few and ask about service and satisfaction. A good website will draw new customers and help keep your current customers happy. Every business needs a web presence.”

Bud has really hit the nail on the head with this one. Halogen Designs addresses these issues up front with proven methods that work. We have a proprietary statistics program, Elevate by Halogen Designs, and Content Management System, Control by Halogen Designs, that allow you to easily extract your data in open formats for review from your marketing department.presence2 300x291 Every Business Needs a Web Presence!!

Please see the full article http://indyscore.org/docs/nl_2q09.pdf on page 4.

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