How creative writing creates leads

published on November 5th, 2010 in Online Marketing, SEO and SEM

There are a number of ways to convey simple information and writing a blog-post or an article is one of them. However if the purpose of an article is to promote a product or an idea, simple information is not enough. Creative writing is employed under such scenarios as it can express thoughts, feelings, and emotions rather than to simply convey information. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business is a former term that has been replaced by a more modern term: Network Marketing. The most important commodity in a Network Marketing is a Network Marketing Lead. Today’s business simply seize to grow if a steady stream of fresh stream of leads stops or even slows down.

Utilizing creative writing to promote your business is excellent way to create leads in today’s competition-saturated market. Whatever you are providing as a product or service, someone else is already marketing it. Reviews or articles regarding your product/service give out more than just ‘features’ or ‘specifications’. Instead, the writer expresses his/her views of the product/service from the user’s viewpoint. How easy was it to use or install. How it helped in a real-world issue. If a potential lead or a customer is trying to compare specification of your product against another from the market, he/she may not be able to make a decision and would long to find another person who has used either product. This is where creative writing comes in and presents a very different usability angle of the product. Let us face it: if the features and specification are very similar, only reviews or articles can make your product standout.

We live in the age of Internet now. There is no information that you cannot find. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the potential and those who do, take the immerse power for granted. You must be ‘Online’ because all your customers and potential customers are moving online. Social networks dominate the internet and if, hiked correctly, the potential gain from social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook is limitless. Whist it took radio 38 years to gain 50 million users, Facebook gained 100 Million users in less than 8 months. A misconception is found among the masses that being online mean online advertising of products and services. Sadly, simple fact is that no one believes online advertising: only 33% of consumers trust online banner ads, versus 90% who trust word of mouth recommendations from friends. Facebook alone now has over 300 Million users and if it were a country, it would be the fourth largest. Placing your business and publishing about your products and services on such social networking sites is a very profitable way to generate new leads.

So, creative writing is by far, one of the most genuine and solid mean to generate new leads.

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