Why Projects Fail?

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Success is failure turned inside out! It is all a matter of perception or perhaps not as some might put it.


project1 300x99 Why Projects Fail?

What is project failure and How do projects fail

Why projects fail is a very difficult question to answer, like the question of whether project management is an art or a science, or perhaps both. Over the years data has been collected to pin point the reasons for project failure – some debate that the reasons are concrete where others like to believe that there are innumerable ways a project can fail which the project manager cannot foresee all.  At Halogen Designs we take project management very seriously. We have established processes that ease the amount of pressure put on us and our clients so that we can focus more of our energy onto our clients projects…. and isn’t that what its all about?

Levels of Project Failure

Project failure,” however, is not synonymous with “project death.” There are varying degrees of failure. The most extreme case, of course, is total project cancellation, and perhaps a few broken windows and bruised egos. In addition to applying the processes and principles taught in project management class, you can also use your personal work skills like communication, management, leadership, conflict resolution, and diplomacy to alleviate some of the stress put onto a project and its team.

Pointers for a healthy project

There are a few pointers which can help us prevent the failure in many ways let us pen down a few for our understanding and knowledge:

  1. Lack of management commitment
  2. Lack of a solid project plan
  3. Lack of project methodology
  4. Lack of user input
  5. Lack of organisational support
  6. Centralized proactive management initiatives to combat project risk
  7. Enterprise management of budget resources
  8. Provides universal templates and documentation
  9. Poorly defined roles and responsibilities
  10. Inadequate or vague requirements
  11. Stakeholder conflict
  12. Team weaknesses
  13. Unrealistic timeframes and tasks
  14. Competing priorities
  15. Poor communication and interpersonal skills
  16. Insufficient resources (funding and personnel)
  17. Business politics
  18. Overruns of schedule and cost
  19. Estimates for cost and schedule are erroneous
  20. Lack of prioritization and project portfolio management
  21. Scope creep
  22. No change control process
  23. Meeting end user expectations
  24. Ignoring project warning signs
  25. Inadequate testing processes Bad decisions

Even with the best of intentions or solid plans, project can go wrong if they are not managed properly. This is when the project manager must recognize a warning sign and take action. If you understand the difference between symptoms and problems and can spot warning signs of project failure, your training will help you take steps to right the wrong before it happens.

project2 300x225 Why Projects Fail?

What’s next?

Our next post will be dedicated to the methodology of our project management system.  We have simplified our processes and opened up our management software which is having great reviews from our clients.

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