3 tips to improve small business emails

published on August 18th, 2010 in General Business, Social Networking in Business

In the age of digital communication we are faced with the challenge of connecting on personal and emotional levels over impersonal media.  Business emails are tightly integrated into 2010′s successful business.

Doing some research turned up a few websites that were helpful but geared at the medium to large corporation.  EmailReplies.com has a great list of helpful tips for the larger company but I want to focus on the small business needs.

email handshake 300x161 3 tips to improve small business emails

Email is part of today's business relationships - like a handshake

1. Benefits and applications

Email is quick and easy.  Because of this it is great for providing customer support or quick follow up messages.  At Halogen we use email to generate and nurture leads.  These leads come from our website, craigslist, and in person meetings.  Send the message now and let your recipient get back on their own time.

2. Be Personal

When we first started ‘cold calling’ craigslist ads (through email) we had no success.  Not even a reply back.  Our emails were well crafted and made us the biggest corporation we could be.  Mistake. After changing a few small things we have generated 6 leads on craigslist in the past 7 days.  1 of those leads looks like a promising sale.

The key is to be personal.  Business is about relationships.  The best way to start a business relationship is by taking baby steps that create a personal relationship.  Cut out all the corporate BS and represent your business as it actually is.  You are your company’s ambassador that your leads will form a relationship with.  Stop acting like a corporation and Start being a person who is excited about their company.

3. Call to action

A great email is nothing without a call to action.  When the prospect has all the information they need to make an emotional and mental decision you have to lead them to the next step.  This could be setting up a meeting, responding to your email, or purchasing a product.

Make sure the call to action is easy to complete.  You are in the business of making a great experiance for your customer.  If it takes them 5 steps to checkout on your website perhaps you can cut out a step and consolidate another.

If you ask them to call you, make sure you’re available.

The lesson: Creating calls to action that are reliable and simple to do will yield high conversion rates – which means real world dollars for your business.

Good luck with your emails and let me know your results.

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