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Iconic bird that instantly is known for it's "tweeting" hence the name twitter

Twitter – a medium for micro-blogging has now become the most recognized platform used for sending rapid updates to anyone anywhere in the world. It opens different avenues to stay connected with friends, family even businesses with only 140 characters of breathing space. The best of part of the technology is that it isn’t limited to any age group. Whether it is latest updates, news, reviews or upcoming events the ease of use and access makes it a powerful tool for individuals, groups, small businesses and companies.

The evolution of twitter over the past 3 years has been tremendous, attracting a number of small businesses for their promotion, sales and marketing activities. This social networking forum provides businesses with easy access to masses. Sharing of real time information with the end user reduces time to market thus enhancing opportunities to grow.

In an internet driven world the most effective way of getting in touch with your potential customer is to make use of all mediums available to conduct surveys hence making an impression, influencing mind-sets and gathering feedback for not only the current products but shaping the future products based on clients needs. Twitter for that matter can be very useful – as effective as word of mouth twitter enables you to influence the thinking of your followers. The 101201 blog has a great write up about what is twitter.

The feature for following and followers is a good medium for gauging the target market segment and coverage but also for circulating radical ideas throughout your network thus increasing clientele, follower-ship and traffic generation for your website(s).

Twitter is also considered to be one of the fastest medium for campaigning, protests, education and in case of emergency situations. Many tweet-up sessions are organized by businesses for campaigning and gathering new ideas.

I present the following top 10 reasons why small businesses should use twitter:

1 – Cost Effective

An economical and non-expensive way of marketing and advertising for start-ups and small businesses

2 – Target Audience and Market Coverage

Fastest way for gaining attention from the potential customers hence enhancing customer-base 24/7

3 – Competitive Advantage

One of the best means for gaining advantage over one’s competitors by shortening time to market

4 – Generating Ideas

Increased networking increases the possibility for generating more ideas through polling and gathering opinions relevant to any subject

5 – Industry News and Events

Twitter has become one of the fastest medium for sharing and circulating common, interesting and valuable news and events for various industries – which keeps you abreast and at times ahead of your competition by getting the news first

6 – Brand Following

Increased brand loyalty helps increase brand loyalty thus increasing sales

7 – Conducting Surveys

Twitter is one of the fastest and effective ways for conducting surveys on various topics of interesting – its ease of use helps circulating common opinions across masses

8 – Non-Stop Networking

Making more connections helps increase visibility across borders for data collection and analysis at no cost at all

9 – Campaigning

Different campaigns can be held for influencing views and creating mind-sets for every walk of life, whether it is education, technology or protects, one can make their voice heard through twitter to make an impact

10 – Attracting Traffic

Twitter can help you increase traffic to your web-site(s) thus enhancing views, reviews and page hits which helps tremendously in branding for your company.

The IBtimes has an interesting case study about Dell raking in 3 million in sales directly from twitter.

It takes a bit of getting use to twitter at first, once you see the benefits it is almost difficult to keep away. If you are stuck at query you’d be amazed how many resources and people can help you resolve your problem. An interesting and informative article by 24/7 Wall St. said the following about ‘The Future of Twitter Will Change American Business’

17 ways to make the most effective use of twitter

50 ideas on using twitter for business

The benefits which one can yield from twitter are immeasurable. It is worth an experience for every start-up and/or small businesses with limited budgets for marketing and advertising to make use of twitter as a means of promotion and branding.

Now that you know how to use Twitter in business, why don’t you contact us now or read on about how you can use Facebook in Business.

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  1. Twitter is also a good medium for coaxing users to visit your other marketing communications media, such as facebook, your blog, and especially to drive traffic to your web page. If you can write an intriguing headline on Twitter, you can promote backlinking to where you want followers to go and build a stronger community around your business concern (plus get the SEO benefits). Strong or intriguing headlines can influence others to retweet and thereby expand the influence of the original tweet. It’s called the multiplier effect, and it’s a wonderful marketing tool when you learn to leverage it on a regular basis.

    Comment by Ken — April 5, 2010 @ 5:20 am

  2. Ken you’ve nailed it on the head again. We really believe that social media’s biggest benefit to our users is the ability to get feedback on their business. We use it to promote our brand, create discussions about SEO/Design among designers, and to chat with our fans.

    There are definite SEO benefits to having a twitter, especially as Google is moving to index discussions separately (and often higher) than other search results.

    Comment by James George — April 17, 2010 @ 12:42 am

  3. Many thanks for taking this chance to speak about this, I’m strongly over it and I reap the benefits of learning about this subject. If at all possible, when you gain data, please update this blog with new information. I’ve discovered it extremely useful.

    Comment by Dovie Wehner — October 23, 2010 @ 4:09 am

  4. It would be great if I could use your site for my blog. I’ll definitely add a link to this article, and I won’t rip the entire page. I just want to use what you have here to impement into my post. Please get back to me and tell me if it’s ok.

    Comment by Lynette Bushrod — October 23, 2010 @ 9:59 pm

  5. Absolutely. If you could post your link in the comments to your story and please link to our page in return that would be great. Thank you for all your support.

    Comment by James George — October 24, 2010 @ 11:37 pm

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