Social Networking for Business (Part 2/3)

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social1 Social Networking for Business (Part 2/3)In continuation to our previous post, Social Networking for Business Part (1/3), we discussed why is there a need for social networking and the added advantages it can bring into your business, in this post we shall discuss about a few myths and risks which might be involved when networking for business and how to address them successfully.

Myths, Risks and Preventions

The first and foremost myth is about wasting time online, especially on networking forums. Where I can agree to a certain extent that it can be, provided your objectives for joining a network are not clear. Before joining any forum pen down at least three to five objectives why you wish to be on that particular network. Be specific about it, meaning do not have vague objectives. Next make them time-bound and measurable; i.e. how soon and how you wish to attain that particular objective – just keep in mind that whatever objectives you set are realistic and achievable within the time-frame you wish to achieve them.

Another one is of spamming. If you have joined a network with an intention to promote or market your product then the opposite can be true meaning that you may be spamming people on various networks to gain attention and mark your existence online. All good professional networking sites now have checks and balances to monitor spamming, such as Facebook and Linkedin. Unwanted emails and unwanted contacts can very easily be ignored as desired. Adequate security settings can be set to prevent unauthorized or unwanted viewing to one’s profile in a social networking forum.social2 300x229 Social Networking for Business (Part 2/3)

Many have apprehensions before opening an account on a social network – mostly deriving from fears of invasion to their privacy. Where many good professional sites have privacy settings in place it is always advised to be careful while joining a network. Confidentiality contracts while signing up for such forums have strict rules and regulation safeguarding ones interests. Also, checks and balances for viewing one profile and exercising control on which information is to be viewed by which audiences can help address this concern for many. This helps in avoiding fake and unreliable contacts.

Some social networking sites:






Design Bump – Web/graphic design
Design Float – Web/graphic design
DNHour – Domain Name News
Dzone – Developers
Earner’s Club – Internet Marketing
Hacker News
Hosting Bookmarks
Pixel Groovy – Web design
SWiK – Open source software
WPscoop – WordPress


43 Things – Goal sharing
Beautiful Society – List and vote for your favorite things
Clip Clip
Clubnet UK – clubbing
Dandelife – A social biography network
Dawdle – Auction
Daytipper – Tips and tutorials
DigStock – Financial
DontStayIn – Clubbing
Experience Project – Share Life Experiences
Faceparty – “The biggest party on Earth”
Faqqly – Community of questions and answers
Ficlets – Collaborative writing
Flixster – Movies
Global Voices
GoLark – Events and activities
GreekStrength – fraternities and sororities
I Am Bored
Match A Dream
Neighborrow – Borrowing and sharing
Ning – Create your own network – local news
Product Clash – Product reviews
Prosper – People to people lending – Austria
SEO Tagg
Shared Confession – Secrets
Spout – Films
StoryLink – Screen Writers
Sydney Networkers
Tipstrs – Tips and tutorials
Value Investing News – Financial
Vampire Freaks
Velospace – Bicycles
WeGame – Video games

There is also a need to determine the difference between a personal contact and a professional one. It is advised to maintain different directories for both. However, many professional networking sites and forums are there for professional networking per se – all the social networking forums provide a core bases and ground work for an establishment of initial online presence leading to building a small business/professional community for your expertise. Adding more people to your particular community strengthens your presence providing means for attracting more people and increasing the effectiveness, or reach, of your online web presence.

Having one community can trigger creating multiple communities and bridging them all for more business opportunities, hence increasing business visibility and existence on multiple platforms. The power of multiple minds at work can help build a niche through networking and online marketing, opening more avenues for further business explorations, thus enhancing revenues.

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