Use Social Marketing to Your Business Advantage

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Note from James George of Halogen Designs: Today we have a great treat for you. Kenneth Rudich from will be sharing some insight for our readers about Using Social Marketing to Your Business Advantage. Kenneth will respond to any comments left on the blog. You can also reach him through his website. By Kenneth [...]

Too young for business?

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An issue we often fight in business is the fact that we are both 19 years old. People often confuse lack of age & lack of experience as the same thing. Does experience really matter? Jason Fried of 37 Signals said “How long someone’s been doing it is overrated. What matters is how well they’ve [...]

Lego Lucas Oil Model!

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I was watching the news earlier today and saw 1/250 scale model of Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium… Made entirely out of Legos! This thing is awesome. The retractable roof works and the lighting and press box can be seen as well. Check out this picture of the jumbotron. Recently we designed an advertisement for The [...]

Social Networking in Business (Part 1/3)

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Social networking by definition focuses on building communities where people share common interests, hobbies, activities at times a common vision – a forum for interaction where knowledge-base is shared across boundaries, where difference are openly discussed, a place where one gets an opportunity to meet someone new each day. Being social animals inherently we need [...]