15 ways to ensure a good email marketing message

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Email marketing maybe one of the quickest and easiest ways of reaching your current and potential target audience.  The key to effective email marketing is to capture the attention of your audience through an effective email marketing message and design. Designing an email for marketing requires not only creativity but also depends on the following [...]

Designing Album Covers

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Making an impression through design is easier said than done! However it is not impossible and people who know how to harness their creativity and interpret is through effective designing can decipher anything through it; whether it is designing a website or designing album covers – as long as you understand the need from a [...]

Design simple – the simpler the better!

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Whether it is a brochure or a website, simplicity always brings elegance and grace to the design. For example, the less complex a website is, the better ease of use it would have – the focus should be on context and content coupled with a balanced design to convey the [...]

How Halogen Designs Handles Project Management

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Outdated project management tools like post-its, emails, and memos are just that… outdated! Today we are sharing our secret weapon of project management: Basecamp. You will learn why companies need project management, why we use basecamp, and how you can try out basecamp if it fits your needs.

A good PowerPoint presentation is like a good argument

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Making a presentation which has an impact on the audience seems like a daunting task. The most important factors are the design of the presentation, the layout, the font used, and the color combination. A presentation does not need to be appealing, but rich in context i.e. it should convey the desired information and purpose [...]