Use Social Marketing to Your Business Advantage

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Note from James George of Halogen Designs: Today we have a great treat for you. Kenneth Rudich from will be sharing some insight for our readers about Using Social Marketing to Your Business Advantage. Kenneth will respond to any comments left on the blog. You can also reach him through his website. By Kenneth [...]

Is Facebook actually relevant to my business?

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The short answer, Yes! I challenge you to come up with an industry that could not directly benefit from some type of Facebook campaign. This quick post will outline why Facebook is relevant to all businesses and will describe the types of campaigns available. My business partner, @Alex Shaffer, came across the Facebook statistics page [...]

Consistent Brand Can Build Up Strong Brand Recognition

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Brands have been intentionally used as tools for distinguishing one producer’s goods from others. They act as a major reason for the sale of a particular product. Therefore it has been increasing in its popularity over the years to divert huge traffic on one’s own productions, even on World Wide Web. The story of brand [...]

20 Reasons Why People Leave Organizations

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I Quit! Easier said than done – what brings a person to such a state of mind from where he/she says these 2 words, marking an end to a career with an organization? The reasons are unlimited, varying from person to person, depending on each person’s preferences, needs, wants, aspirations and much more. There are [...]

Linkedin in Business

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In today’s world networking has become the need for every individual, business and company. Without connections and contacts business can virtually cease to exist. The internet boom has made it possible for everyone to keep in touch with each other. First it was emails then social networking forums and now professional forums where serious professionals [...]