How Halogen Designs Handles Project Management

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Outdated project management tools like post-its, emails, and memos are just that… outdated! Today we are sharing our secret weapon of project management: Basecamp. You will learn why companies need project management, why we use basecamp, and how you can try out basecamp if it fits your needs.

Why Projects Fail?

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Project management can make or break a project. Today we will look at why projects fail and Friday we will look at the processes Halogen Designs uses every day to ensure your projects are delivered on time and that no promise, whether verbal or electronic, will go forgotten.

Manage for Results

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Management – an art and science whose primary focuses is to be result-oriented. Results-based management is an approach to management that integrates strategy, people, resources, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, transparency, and accountability; it concentrates and focuses on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurements, learning and changing, and reporting performance. It is a combination of [...]