15 ways to ensure a good email marketing message

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email1 150x150 15 ways to ensure a good email marketing messageEmail marketing maybe one of the quickest and easiest ways of reaching your current and potential target audience.  The key to effective email marketing is to capture the attention of your audience through an effective email marketing message and design.

Designing an email for marketing requires not only creativity but also depends on the following factors:

  1. Size – the contents and the size of the mail is one of the important factors… Keep it short and to the point!
  2. One should also determine based on the nature of the email whether the mail would be colorful  or black and white (HTML vs plain text)
  3. The graphics and text should be accurate and coherent with the contents
  4. Don’t waste the readers time, it should be precise and to the point
  5. It should be targeted and focused in accordance to the target audience
  6. No spamming
  7. Should be catchy to grab attention
  8. There should be no false claims in it
  9. Find a good and authentic mail list provider
  10. Have a good plan of action after initial marketing
  11. Make no false claims only propose what you are really offering and what you can deliver
  12. Find a design company that has understanding of multi-step conversion process
  13. Make unsubscribing easy; there’s no point emailing people who are not interested
  14. Meet your legal obligations
  15. Test your design as much as you can before sending it out

What is important to understand is that email marketing is like architecture. Email marketing, without key marketing message and right offer even great design won’t convert users.email2 150x150 15 ways to ensure a good email marketing message

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