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About Ken Rudich

Hello everyone. My name is Ken.

I hold an MBA with an emphasis in marketing from Arizona State University, and a B.S. in Communication with an emphasis in journalism from Eastern New Mexico University. I have 25 years experience in distance, distributed, and online learning in higher education.

Ken Rudich

In addition to having managed a state-of-the-art media production unit at a PAC 10 university, I have written, produced and directed more than 100 special broadcast events and video production projects dealing with educational, promotional and training material for both public and private sector clients.

My interest in marketing for distributed and online higher education has resulted in the publication of peer review articles and the delivery of presentations at professional conferences. One article titled “Reliable Marketing Intelligence for Distance Education,” garnered the 1999 University Continuing Education Association Publications Award in the area of distributed learning.

My latest venture,marketing-strategy-management.com, is a pet project and it comes with high aspirations: to become nothing less than a widely revered resource on the Knowledge Network known as the internet. The objective is to champion insights that help individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, not for profits, and mid-size companies to excel at marketing themselves, their products, and their services. I should also add, however, that I don’t regard it as my site; but rather, as a site that belongs to everyone. Please feel free to stop by and contribute at any time.

I am also looking forward to this alliance with James and Alex at Halogen Designs. Their integrity, creativity, cleverness, and perseverance provide a sound foundation for what promises to be a terrific journey. They really are adept at building strong relationships, and that’s what sold me more than anything else.