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Scott Dentistry

Scott Dentistry was founded in 1973 after the dentist who Dr. Leonard Scott was the apprentice for took him to the east side of town and told him that he should start a practice over there.

Since that time, Dr. Scott’s practice has flourished as a general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry practice. For 40 years, Scott Dentistry has sought to meet the dental needs of its Indianapolis clientele in the areas of preventive health, orthodontics, cosmetic, pediatric, and general dentistry as well as surgical procedures. Dr. Leonard Scott’s lovely daughter, Dr. Lynna Scott, joined the practice in July 2007 and has hopes of growing the practice with her father. Both Dr. Lynna and Dr. Leonard strive to make each patient have a million dollar smile and hope to change the face of Indianapolis one smile at a time.

ECO Lighting Solutions

ECO Lighting Solutions (ECO) is an engineering based US manufacturer/distributor of Induction, LED and Remote Phosphor LED lighting products, featuring light engines produced by OSRAM-Sylvania, Philips, CREE and Bridgelux. We recognize that no single technology or product can fulfill the multitude of lighting applications that exist, and therefore we have chosen to build our Company upon diversity and flexibility gained through the use of multiple proven technologies. Furthermore, by providing our advanced energy efficient lighting solutions in either “new” fixtures or as “retrofit” kits into qualified existing housings, we gain the greatest opportunity to economically and efficiently match the right lighting technology with the mission at hand.

Keltner Group, LLC.

Keltner Group has grown to become one of the largest providers of promotional products in America. We work together, pooling our many years of experience, to manage each order efficiently and effectively. Our expertise lies not only in the promotional products we produce, but also in the marketing of each product we deliver.

Our 4 core lines of business include Promotional Products, Web-based Company Stores, Employee Incentives and Industrial Supply.

Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our products and services, and please contact us anytime with questions!


Services Provided:

Web Design: Textbookee needed a design that connects to this generation’s college student.  Besides asthetics we had to take multiple user inputs and functions and turn them into simple to follow and flowing designs.

Advanced Development: We created a backend system that controls all of textbookee’s listings, coupons, and users.  To list a book, users enter their ISBN number, class, and condition of the book – textbookee takes care of the rest.  All listings and seller pages have the ability to share onto a user’s social network… we did all this at WELL OVER HALF of our competitors’ lowest bid.

Logo Design:  We created a logo that is simple, uses bright colors, and eloquently prints onto bookmarks and fliers to be passed out around the campus.  We created something recognizable that speaks the message instead of disracting from it.

Confidential Shredding Services

Confidential Shredding Services, Inc. of Fort Wayne, IN offers onsite shredding for all of your sensitive documents! When our truck arrives at your site, our uniformed, bonded employees will retrieve your material. There is no need for your employees to bring it to us. The documents are immediately taken to our shredding vehicle and put through our shredding device. Upon completion of the process, you will be furnished with a document of destruction and a digital printout of your poundage. All paper products are taken to a local recycling facility.

Brick Street

Experience refined hospitality in the heart of the Village of Zionsville’s fabulous brick “Main Street” shopping and dining district. Located just twenty-five minutes northwest of downtown Indianapolis and the Indianapolis International Airport, nestled amidst a mosaic of carefully preserved historical homes, many dating back to the 19th century, Zionsville is one of the few towns in the United States that has proudly preserved its brick main street.

Quaint shops, boutiques, eateries and artisan fare line the streets surrounding the Brick Street Inn’s upscale bed and breakfast style accommodations. Truly one of Indianapolis’ hidden gems, our boutique hotel has eight luxuriously appointed guestrooms awaiting your arrival.